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The Obiyo Foundation visits Benchway Rehabilitation Center, Imo State

Our children are the future of our world and their knowledge should be something we all are invested in. Proper education about substance abuse is a crucial preventive measure, sharing factual information about substance abuse helps to develop a better sense of drug abuse awareness. Without proper educational measures about the harmful effects of drugs, people may develop increased risks for becoming victims about drug abuse or fall prey to peer pressure and health problems. Experimenting with drugs places them in a high-risk category for developing eventual tolerance, dependence and addiction.

The Samuel-Mary & Dame Emily Obiyo Foundation has been raising awareness among Nigerians to empower them with valuable knowledge on the issue of drug abuse that is currently plaguing our great nation. Amongst the efforts of the Foundation is to include a 1 day seminar at the Alvan Ikoku Federal University Owerri taking place on the 10th of July 2019. The presentation will be joined by two professors of psychology to further highlight the effects of abusing drugs.

A visit to the Benchway Rehabilitation Center in Imo State saw the meeting of the facility’s director and on-sight psychologist. The rehab center which is able to house 8-16 patients at one time is also self funded and has been active since 2017, the center focuses on treating the patients as fairly and as humanely as possible. After having several meetings with the workers at the facility, they agreed to show us around and explain their structure.

The Obiyo Foundation donated some food items for the Benchway Rehabilitation center and also a donation was made toward their efforts. During the visit, the Obiyo Foundation team saw 12 patients released back into society as able-bodied and fully aware of how far they have come.

As the fight to empower with knowledge continues, we urge others and most especially our fellow Nigerians to either donate, partner or collaborate with the Samuel-Mary & Dame Emily Obiyo Foundation.


Anthonia Annie Obilana – Executive Director

Obiyo Foundation.

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    Eze Susan onyinye Says :

    July 4, 2020 at 11:26 am

    Please how do I get your contact my younger brother needs help

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