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PRTimes Africa recognizes Obiyo Foundation, presents 2018 Humanitarian Award

Recognition is the evidence that is needed to encourage many others to take up selfless acts of our community, for our country Nigeria and for the African nation.

PRTimes Africa exists to highlight and portray the positive strides that established foundations are contributing to Africa. The Obiyo Foundation established in Nigeria was presented with the Humanitarian Award of 2018 by PRTimes Africa on the 26th of March, 2019. In 2018, the foundation visited many orphanages and gave huge contributions to their daily runnings for the resident children.

The founder of the Obiyo Foundation, Dr. Uzoma Obiyo heard the desperate cry for help from the youths of Nigeria who have silently battled with drug addiction. Seeing the social damage and the increase of idle youths in our communities which also play a part in the rise of crime, the push to build a campaign in 2019 to tackle and begin to find a resolution to the problem was created.

With the Obiyo Foundation focusing on education, drug abuse and scholarship/grants these three areas can be fused to benefit the youths, giving them initiatives that will empower the next generation of entrepreneurs by way of skill acquisition. The CSR award presented by PRTimes Africa is very important because the organization will make an impact on the positive growth of Africa as a nation. Corporate Social Responsibility exists to ensure that organizations take the right measures to be responsible and contribute to the sectors they operate in.

2019 will see the Obiyo Foundation visit many affected areas in different states that can benefit from its various programs. To follow updates on the foundation follow our social media pages as stated below.

facebook: The Obiyo Foundation

twitter: @obiyof

instagram: theobiyofoundation

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