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Care and Support

Supporting hundreds of people in Nigeria, we offer a wide range of disability care and support services including:

  • Personalized care and support services, including registered care in people’s own homes.
  • Social, education and leisure services – including day support, community outreach services and respite support.

Work and skills development

  • Disabled people aged 16 to 35 can develop important life and work skills, and boost their self confidence, by joining our charity initiatives.
  • We provide training to improve your skills and support you into employment.  We work to make sure disabled people are treated fairly and offered the same opportunities as everyone else.

Huge range of activities

When it comes to activities, there’s almost no limit to what our group can offer. We ensure physically challenged learn new skills and crafts including jewelry making, painting, sculpturing and cooking. The great thing is the list is growing all the time because new activities are suggested by the people who come to our groups. Alongside activities we offer lots of opportunities for you to learn new skills in a sociable, friendly atmosphere. Get the most out of the internet, or take better photographs.

The right support and facilities

The support we offer is based very much on what people want — so we will always ask you what you would like to do. There’s never any pressure on you to do something. When you visit our activity and skills groups you’ll know you’re in safe hands. We have been providing reliable, safe support to people for over several years. Our groups are fully accessible and equipped with aids including hoists and ramps. As well as activities, many offer services like hairdressing, chiropody and beauty treatments. You’ll also usually find a range of food and snacks on offer.

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